About Erin

I am a wife to a pastor, a mom, a blogger, designer, and creative at heart. I've held many jobs, from overseas missionary to corporate to the oh-so-glamorous self-employment. Through all my career changes, my life's work is the same: bring the most glory to my Maker by using the gifts and passions given to me to spread a message of hope, love, and encouragement to others.

 I am a firm believer in a well-creamed cup of coffee and good company. I'm still trying to find my perfect shade of red lipstick, and despite the effort to reclaim my pre-baby image, it may just be time to buy a new (bigger) pair of jeans and get on with it. I am a DIY wanna-be and serial purger of household items because the minimalist in me just won't quit. Most of all, I'm just an ordinary woman trying to live out a faith-filled life, one season at a time.

I Believe

Every single person is creative. Maybe you're not a painter, a writer, a cook or a craftsman. But you are creative. The very fact that you were made in the image of the one who is the ultimate Creator makes you a being that is full of life, ideas, passions, and gifts. My work as a designer is in and of itself a worshipful process. And why I get to design for those who are ready to share their own stories and gifts with the world? Double whammy.  


Design is one tangible way I exercise my faith. One of my true passions is partnering with other women to search out the "buds" of hope and purpose and create a corresponding brand and story. I love using design to enliven other women who are starting blogs, small businesses, or just need a fresh look for their online space. The creative community is really where I feel at home, so if that's you too, we should chat. Not sure what direction you're headed? A brand consult may be a good move to gain clarity and discover opportunities for growth. Read more about design services here, and brand consults here.


Primavera means spring. (I know you were thinking pasta. It's okay, I won't judge you.) Just as spring represents an awakening, a new beginning, an emerging of hope and life, I desire for this space to nourish the little buds in our own lives that blossom about joy, simplicity, hope, and purpose. 

Buds represent purpose and hope. They signify excitement and LIFE. Primavera Studio is about living into that -- whether you spend your days in a corporate office, wrangling children, making a home, or running a small business. There is purpose and passion and the fullness of life right where you are, in this very season. Let's link arms and discover it together.