First of all, I want to THANK YOU for trusting me with your brand, your online platform, and the chance to journey with you as you go after what's most important to you and the things you're passionate about. It means the world to me to be able to cheer you on with the tools you need and a few pep talks along the way :) 

Before we part ways, I want to make sure of something. One thing I've promised you and have upheld as an important practice is making sure you feel comfortable using what you've invested in. Whether it's your shiny new brand elements and Squarespace website, they are YOURS and you should feel comfortable using those tools to accomplish the things set in front of you. So, in light of that, I'd like to offer up a few resources for you. Feel free to browse through, shoot me a question or two, and don't be afraid of experimenting a bit yourself. I'm here to cheer you on! 

Resources and faqs for brand suites: 

First thing's first, what to do with all those brand files I just sent you? 

  1. Once you've received the Google Folder I sent you, please go ahead and download all your brand files to a new folder on your computer so you have everything saved in one spot. I usually delete those folders on my Drive every six months or so, so please make sure you have them safe and sound on your end. 

  2. Look through all your files and make sure you know what they can be used for. You'll have a main logo, an alternative or two along with an icon. Of course your main logo is what you'll use for the majority of your marketing--website, business cards, etc. But The alternatives are there for you to have options when it comes to social media, favicons, and marketing items that don't lend themselves well to the dimensions of your main logo. An alternative "submark" or "icon" is really useful for social media profiles, letterhead (or footers on stationery), envelopes, packaging, and so on. The idea is to give you flexibility so you'll always have something to use that matches your brand identity and creates a more recognizable, cohesive look. 
  3. Know what files types are what: PDF files are high resolution for printing only. PNG files are for web and anything digital: your email signature, website, social media, etc. The files you have are all transparent backgrounds so you can lay them over photos or different colors without having that ugly white box around it. There's also some "white" versions of your logo and alternatives in there as well, those are for laying over a photo if you'd like or a darker background. 

I want to make a business card, what's the best way to do that myself? 

If you are doing business cards yourself, look to your brand board for your color codes (so everything matches) and use your pdf files.

Popular sites to design and print your business cards:
 Moo, Overnight Prints, Vistaprint, or your local print shop. Psst, these sites will often have discount codes available. Don't order a bunch of business cards at face value! 

For each site, the file type requirements are slightly different. If your logo is too big a file size, you can easily reduce the pdf size at and choose compress PDF (the first option)

What if I end up needing a different file type down the road? Can I still get that from you?

Of course! If there's any specific type of file you need for your brand elements, you can always shoot me an email and ask. Sometimes it's hard to know what you'll all need at the beginning of your business journey, and I'm happy to send over any type of file variation that you need (free, of course ;)). 

Can I have you make tweaks to my brand after we finish? 

Because of the time-intensive process of creating your visual brand identity and preparing all the individual files, I am unable to make tweaks to your brand files after you give me the final okay. If, in the future, you decide you want to change things up a bit, I'm happy to offer a discounted rate for a rebrand package. 

What about font or pattern files that you showed me on the brand board? Do I get those too? 

If they are free for commercial use typefaces or patterns that can be shared across devices, I'm happy to give those to you. If we used a font in your brand that I've purchased the rights to use, I unfortunately can't pass that file along. I will, however, be happy to send you the link to where I purchased it so you can have it for your own use. 


As you probably know by now, Squarespace is the only platform I work with because of how easy it is to learn and navigate, and the no-fuss design options that work to create a beautiful, unique home for your online platform.

If you took me up on the offer to do a little "Squarespace 101" class via Google Hangout, hopefully that gave you a good start in learning the basics of how to navigate the back end of your site. Luckily, Squarespace provides an incredible forum to help get you through some of the initial questions you may have. Here's a few common topics that come up with a new site: 

Adding social media buttons

Changing out photos

Editing the layout of a page

Adding a new page

Adding an announcement bar for your newsletter signup or discount code

Switching templates

The forums are a great place to search for almost any answer, from the most basic page setup to incorporating commerce and CSS into your design. 

Want some one-on-one help? 

I am happy to help with any support you need in navigating your new Squrespace site. After all, I love the platform and I want you to love it too! Because I have limited work hours and a need to make progress on current client projects, I'm not able to answer troubleshooting questions via email every day. If there's something you're stuck on or something that needs to be changed and you'd like me to do it for you, here's my rates for web support: 

$60/hour with a 5 minute minimum. Lots of times, a web support issue will only take me a few minutes to do, so this is a convenient way to outsource your task that won't cost you an arm and a leg. 

A 30 minute "how to" session where you can sit down with me via Google Hangout and I can show you first hand on a screen share how to do anything you're having trouble with. -- $30 

Of course, there are exceptions. I'm happy to answer any questions you have about your new site for free within a week after we finish the project (I know there's an initial learning curve!) After that, the above options are there for you.