flow wellness brand suite

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Brandch & Vine Cover-04.png



What's Included: 

  • A custom fitting of the brand design to your own business name and copy.
  • Main logo, alternative logo, icon, and submark in varying colors shown. Files are delivered in .eps and .pdf format for use on web or print platforms. Other file types provided upon request. 
  • Business card files in PDF format or others upon request for the use of printing.
  • Color palette with all codes to match.
  • All font files provided they were acquired free for commercial use.
  • Brand board to use as a guide.

Additional Notes: 

Due to copyright and usage guidelines, any stock photography, display patterns, and purchased fonts are not included in the package. However, links to sources of those items can be provided if you'd like to purchase them separately. 

"Branch & Vine" is used purely as a display name and is not meant to represent an actual business. All design elements will be custom fitted to your own business name. 

Please read the Terms & Conditions for the Brand Garden

All brand suites will be sold ONCE on a first come first serve basis pending on the right "fit" and time constraints. You'll hear within 24 hours via email (excluding weekends) if your application has been approved and we'll move forward with customizations.
Completed, fully customized brand suites will be delivered within 10 days of purchase.