Primavera Studio is a space for your creativity to thrive, offering design services and one-on-one pep talks to cheer you on in your gifts and passions. I want to help you spend more time doing what you love, and less time trying to make it look good.

Although my main focus in on creating beautiful, authentic brands for creatives and makers, I love all sort of design projects.

My heart is to help put the right "clothes" on your already shiny gem of a business, blog, or online presence. Your brand should feel like you, fit you well, and help you walk confidently in your gifts and passions. We all know not to judge a book by it's cover, but we often do anyway. My job is to help your exterior look great, so what's inside (the good stuff that you do) will stand out.



just the logo
We'll create a beautiful logo for your business and color palette to mach so you can put you best foot forward on your new venture.

brand build out package
This package is for someone who has an existing logo but needs to expand their visual brand options to work functionally both online and off.  

complete brand suite
From an inspirational mood board to curating the perfect brand package, I'll create a beautiful, authentic brand that fits you and your business to a T. This package includes a logo, alternative logo, submark or watermark, design elements, patterns, fonts, color palette, and description of how to use each of those elements most effectively to attract the clients you want. 

simple blog design
Let's create a beautiful, clean space for your blog content that will serve as the perfect home for your incredible written content. 

classic web design package
The perfect option for a small business looking to make a big impression online. 

signature web design package
Have some big dreams in mind for your online home? This package includes the whole work-up and extra pages for all your exclusive content.  

*Currently, I'm only offering design work on the Squarespace platform. The reality is, you want a website you feel comfortable using, and easy to evolve as your business or platform grows and changes, not something you have take a crash google course on coding to use.


Have something different in mind? I'd love to hear about your custom project! 
Here are some items I've worked on before:

Wedding Invitations
Magazine Layout
Newsletter Setup + Design
Book Cover
E-Book Design
Posters + Marketing Materials
Business Cards
Social Media Graphics