Need a new pair of eyes to check out your brand? A partner in crime to bring your vision to life? A brand storm session is a great way to get an outside perspective on the current status of your visual brand -- from what's working great for you to what could use some more attention. It's your chance to ask questions, get feedback, and walk away with action steps to strengthen your brand.


How does it work? 

I'll send over a thorough survey for you to fill out about your current brand, what you love about it, what you want to change, what your future plans are, and an opportunity to ask any questions you have. After you click submit, I'll spend some time reading over your answers. 

We'll schedule a time to do a Google Hangout and do some brainstorming about your brand. I'll take careful notes and send over a written summary of what we talked about after our session. You'll also receive a list of action steps and strategies based on the topics discussed in order to move forward confidently with your brand. 

The cost for a brand consult is $95 paid upfront. Should you decide after the consult that a rebrand or little facelift is in order, you'll receive a special discount for consult clients only. 


Ready to get started?

Click on the link below to fill out the BRANDstorm consult form for our session.
Can't wait to cheer you on and give you some tools to move forward! 


what are people saying? 

When I signed up for the BRANDstorm with Erin, I thought I wanted her to tell me if my logo was ok and whether I should use different colours. But she looked at my brand as a whole and offered suggestions that went beyond just the visual. I've started to implement them and I'm so happy with the results that I've added the rest of her recommendations to my to-do list.

Having Erin's outside expert opinion gave me the confidence to try some of the things I'd been thinking about and brought a fresh perspective to make changes I might not have noticed.
Katy Togeretz of Elsie Road Magazine

Branding your business can be very exciting, but also very overwhelming...especially if you are an entrepreneur creating things and hashing out ideas on your own. Sometimes it is helpful to have a fresh pair of eyes come in and take a look at everything. I was totally in that space, in the middle of a brand refresh and feeling like I was going bonkers trying to decide if my branding was consistent or if it needed some work.

I was drawn to Erin and her work because she is so transparent on her website and in her writing. Reading her blog and looking through her services, it felt like I was listening to a friend telling me "Just let me look at your stuff! I'll be honest with you and support you along the way!!" I'm so glad that I reached out to her and asked for a brand consult. She had great feedback and some awesome words of wisdom that, frankly, were refreshing to hear from someone I had barely met. I really did feel like I was emailing back and forth with someone who had known me for a while.

Whether you're starting out fresh or have been in business for a while, Erin's brand consult is a great way to set your business up for success. I can't recommend her services enough.
Katie Kolbrick of Katie Kolbrick Photography

Erin at Primavera Studio was so wonderful to work with! When I was first exploring the idea or rebranding my business, I was very overwhelmed with all of the designers and options out there. I found Erin through a posting on the Rising Tide Society's Facebook page, and it just took a few seconds on her site for me to connect with who she is and her vision of helping small businesses brand effectively. The brand consult was great and gave me lots to think about. Even months later I go back to those notes that she sent me to help guide my branding decisions. She made the whole process super easy and really fun! She got to know me and what I envision for my brand and crafted the perfect refresh for Tres Beau Weddings. Erin achieved a brand look that is totally "me" and I am excited to see where that helps take my business in the future! I highly recommend Primavera Studio!
Ann Marie of Tres Beau Weddings