The 100 Day Project: Movement

I first heard of The 100 Day Project last year via a creative podcast -- 100 days of making something or doing something and documenting along the way. Elle Luna was talking about how she made a commitment to sketching every day and what kind of a beautiful process it turned into as the days went by. I distinctly remember where I was on the road when I was listening to this, driving home with a tiny baby in back and in the thick of new motherhood. It was a challenge to use the bathroom by myself in that season, much less commit to a 100 day project. 

But this year! This year, as you know, we're feeling a little more...ahem...with it. And it sounds like something tackle-able. Maybe even fun. Although I think the project is intended for making something every day, I'm deciding to do something. Move. 

I'm not saying exercise and I'm definitely not doing it to watch the scale tick down, but I know for a fact that I feel more alive and full and healthy when I move my body. Intentional, whole, loving movement that speaks truth over who I am and how I am made. 

It's a physical declaration that my body is good, it's miraculous, and it's worth loving. 

So 100 days of movement. Yoga, walks, spin class, stretching...whatever. All for his glory, all for my good, and all held with open hands. My hope is that at the end of it, I will have an easier time believing truth about myself, I'll feel more whole and more alive, and I'll no longer evaluate every reflection of myself in the window as I walk by. I want that for myself and I want it for my daughter as she gets older. 

You can follow along with the challenge as a whole at #The100DayProject on Instagram, and I'll be posting occasional updates as they come at #100DaysToMove over there, too. 

I made up a little check off sheet printable to help keep me on track. Maybe you want to do it with me? Here's the download. Tell me if you do so I can follow along, k?