Summer Sowing .04

I've been getting up early these last couple months to go to the gym and get some work done before mothering kicks in full force and it's been so life-giving. It's amazing how much you can get done before 8am if you really want to! So much more balanced, peaceful, and more focused on the present instead of the impending naptime to-do list. 

We spent an afternoon in the park just me and this lady, picking wildflowers, petting dogs, and playing our own version of baby bocce ball. Summer is such a short season here, so we are trying to grab hold of ever last minute of the outdoor-friendly weather before we haul out the boots again in a few short months. 

Took a little wagon ride over to our local ice cream joint after dinner on Wednesday. You know you really love someone when you're willing to share your ice cream cone with them! 

He's the best daddy. 


Jeremy snapped this when I was up on a work call -- she came in looking like she'd been trying her 80's makeup routine out with sidewalk chalk. I just thought it was so cute how he had written out her name for her. He really is the best!

We are currently on a little trip down to civilization to see family. Plus, they have a pool so...
Please take a moment to notice the larger than life taking-over-the-pool floating swan in the background. There aren't enough emoji's to discuss that further, nor does the photo do it's size justice, but I'll let you use your imagination. 

This lady, her husband, and baby in the oven were down from Minneapolis for a wedding she was shooting. Such a fun surprise to get to see her!

Naomi's already spent half her time here toting around the new-to-her purse that belonged to my grandma. Perfect for stuffed friends that need to accompany a grocery shopping trip. Also, is there such a thing as a photo with a toddler in it that's NOT blurry? 

The last 48 hours have pretty much convinced me that this girl was never going to sleep again, thanks to a strong aversion to the pack-n-play. Fun! heh. She finally crashed for a much needed afternoon rest and I was too afraid to move once she fell asleep. There's nothing that can push you to the far corners of a king size bed quite like a toddler who insists on sleeping horizontal all night long -- we both needed the extra few hours today. But man, I sure do love that girl, especially when her eyelids are closed. 

summer sowing captures our day to day moments outside of the tired, curated square routine. 
it's most likely too boring for the internet, but for me, too important to forget.
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