Summer Sowing .09

Early mornings at the gym -- the sunrise is worth it. 

Took Naomi to a worm event at the library. She was probably too young for it, but really enjoyed watching the real worms race to the outside of the circle, and, of course, the dirt cup treat at the end. 

Gosh I love her. 

Afternoon walks around the neighborhood. Pit stops at the park. The simple life is good. 

Doing a little planning for the season ahead and reading a library book (gasp!). I probably haven't done that since college. We're starting new habits around here and it feels really good!

Jeremy passed this sunflower field (and about three others the same size) on a golf outing last week, and thought his ladies might enjoy the view, too. Naomi loved smelling the flowers and J and I were just in awe at how many there were. Gorgeous!

Perfecting the homemade pizza recipe and not mad about any of the trial runs. This one is a garlic butter sauce with tomato, fresh basil from our garden, mushroom, and mozzarella. I'll take this over takeout any day. 

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