Summer Sowing. 08

We took a trip to Mackinac Island last week, the land of horse manure and fudge. This was our second time there, although last year Naomi was such a baby-babe and didn't really appreciate it as much as she did this time around. I mean...that face on the ferry ride over ^^ just the best. 

Since there's no vehicles allowed on the islands, everyone gets around by horse carriage. I know. Naomi loved it, asking "wassat" pointing to the horse, about six hundred and three million times. That's an exact number. After hours spent riding the carriages, I'm pretty sure she's still convinced they're dogs, not horses, but hey...we can't all be biologists. 

The view from our condo ^^^

All three cousins running aimlessly through the grounds. Naomi tried so hard to keep up with those two, it was hilarious to watch. 

Huge bubble bath party with your cousins where your mom lets you fling suds everywhere? This is what baby dreams are made of, people. 

The Grand Hotel where we had tea and did a little snooping. It's totally like walking into the Titanic in there. A no women in slacks after 6pm sort of place. Clearly, we fit right in.

Snow cones. Again, what baby dreams are made of. If only Naomi knew what the heck to do with it. I think she just liked holding onto the cup. 

Our fancy afternoon tea. I'm proud to say that two of us handled three girls under five who were drinking sparkling wild berry juice out of champagne flutes while sitting on two hundred year old velvet chairs. No one broke anything and there were only minor damages to the dessert spread. We'll take a slow clap applause for the effort, thank you very much. 

"What sandwich, mom?" 

Loved her fancy moose in the mini-cup with the tiniest spoon on earth. Just her size and she knew it.

A peek inside the hotel ^^^

The cutest little lakefront library. I could just paint my whole house that color. Except we're renting and that would be a nightmare to paint over again. So, never mind. 

Here we see a toddler running through a butterfly garden and some of the poor butterflies running for their life. They know, they know. Kidding. Naomi loved it but I think she thought we were there to smell the flowers. The butterflies were a little too fast for her. Thank God. 


Definitely one of the most relaxing trips we've taken in awhile, just what we all needed. Good time with family, getting to watch the kiddos beat each other up...I mean play together... ;). And of course, there was ice cream. Not pictured is the amazing bike trip we took around the island but you better believe I snapped the heck out of it. 

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