Summer Sowing .07

It's amazing to me that we have pockets of our neighborhood within a mile of our house that we've never walked past before. We spent some time discovering new parks, new favorite old houses, and new secret paths and I think Naomi enjoyed the change of pace just as much as I did. 

Up along with both the moon and the sun. Love the early mornings to myself.

Naomi, always pointing with that middle finger, and newly addicted to Mother Goose Playhouse. A few clicks a way from Teletubies, but I'll take it if it means dinner prep on my own or drinking a whole cup of coffee that's still hot in the morning. 

Someone discovered my lipstick stash ^^

We've had a few cool Michigan summer nights, and soup with crunchy bread has so hit the spot for weeknight dinners. I could unashamedly eat that entire loaf on my own.