summer sowing .06

A girl and her daddy, helping him weed the garden. Just love these two. 

We've been having some major sleep issues since coming back from our time with family and I'm not having much luck getting this gal to sleep on her own. We've been laying by her crib instead of letting her cry (I just can't do it!) but I mean there's only so many times you can camp out on a bedroom floor. This afternoon she fell asleep while I rocked her instead. These moments don't happen too often, so I tried to just soak it in and enjoy my giant, sleeping baby on me in a 1,000 degree room while my ice cold beverage and book waited for me downstairs ;)

I LOVE this little art sessions. As you can tell, my animal illustration skills are on point, as is Naomi's linework ;) Framerrrrrrr. Some days I wonder if I'll actually ever teach her the English word for anything. 

We've been calling this a rose bush, but I'm pretty sure they're carnations. Ha! Last year we didn't have the trellis but it makes the hugest difference -- I love seeing these guys every time I come home or leave the house. 

Carnations? Help me out, flower experts! Also, I got to attend my second birth as a doula this week and man, I sure hope that work never gets old. Such a cool experience getting to serve in that arena and witness brand new spankin' life. What a gift. 

Nieces stopped by on their way home from time up north. I love that we live on the way up to their cabin. Such a treat to see them, even if it's only for lunch and some playtime. 

This may have been a symptom of boredom on Saturday, but we got ambitious and made Naomi a teepee! Although I have to admit, this is like the laziest version of DIY teepees known to Pinterest. Jeremy did most of the work, drilling the holes on top and tying it together. We draped a bed sheet over it, threw in a few safety pins and called it a day. She loves the little nook, although I may love it a smidge more and am wildly impressed it actually turned out. 


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