Summer Sowing .05

Here lies about a week and a half of pure goodness. Afternoons by the pool with our best friends, adventures downtown, fake tattoos, and a really, really good Fourth of July party in the North Woods. Real life hit hard today, but I'm just really dang thankful for all the summer rest and margin. 

Visiting grandma at work! Naomi is now officially a registered nurse ;)

Our best bud Sheila lives here! The wallpaper alone in this house is amazing, let alone all the incredible old architecture. That old town flair of Milwaukee is so charming. 

Comet Cafe, you'e the best! ^^


Oogling over everything in Anthro and not buying a thing? Okay, I'll take it!

Fake tattoos FTW! Don't mind my Fitbit band hanging out of my shirt...

Three cheers for a good ol' Fourth of July party! Loved having friends over for horse shoe, bonfires, good food, and lots and lots of laughing. 

Our friend Grace did the most amazing job keeping up with our energizer bunny all night long. Naomi just loves her and we do too!

First sparkler experience for this girl -- She didn't try and eat it, so I'm calling it a win.

Nothing better than these two and an ice cream cone in my hand.