Summer Sowing .03

My main girl and I spent much of this week on our own, as we sent Jeremy of to Phoenix to see his best bud. It was hotter than blazes but we managed to occupy ourselves with homemade popsicles, time at the lake, a stroll at the Farmer's Market and a road trip to Target...yes, we live an hour and a half away from Target and it was worth every minute of that drive let me tell you! And of course, a little redecorating because I just can't help myself. But nailing level holes in the wall with a toddler to occupy? Super fun, I totally don't recommend it ;)

Always on the go. I think this is the new normal, but boy am I sure getting my Fitbit steps in for the day.

I have such a hard time letting Naomi make a mess, but drippy, ice cold popsicles on the couch did both of us some good. 

I made up these posters of one of our wedding photos with some words from our first dance song over them. Our bedroom desperately needed some new art on the wall and I'm gonna call this a thumbs up. I also bought a new succulent, may God rest his soul. I kill every blasted one of them but I have high hopes for this guy! Leave any succulent growing tips below, please and thank you.

Our new hangout spot for the summer. Major cherry on top if there's friends already there ready to splash around with us!

Jeremy got home just in time for Father's Day, and I could hear the hallelujah chorus on his drive back up here. All you single mamas out there...major, major props. This little girl's a gem but I was sure thankful to have someone around to tag team the toddler rat race. Jeremy, we are so lucky to have you -- I can't think of anyone else I'd rather do this family thing with. 

Peonies in the front yard finally bloomed after many, many days waiting! This may be my favorite time of year, hands down. 

A couple from church generously gave us a huge bucket of fresh-picked strawberries from their garden, so I made up a little lemon strawberry cake to cap off our Sunday. Not disappointed! Recipe here if you're interested. 


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