Summer Sowing .02

We spent much of this week on our own, helping Naomi recover from a little virus she picked up from the lake last week. But that didn't keep us from diving head first into summer and spending most of it outside. Hello pool time, grilling out, garden tending, growing flowers and long neighborhood walks. Gosh, I love every second of these sunny, warm days.  

I love/hate how much she's into doors these days, locking herself in the bathroom, but also opening up the door when her little friends come over. I think she loves company just as much as her mama does.

This friend has been hanging out in our neighborhood for the past few days. I'm so amazed at how non-threatened she (he?) is here and how unoffended she seems when Naomi continually calls her a dog. 

I have a feeling the twenty dollar blow up pool was a wise investment for the summer. All day every day? Okay. 

First week of the farmer's market and I snagged these beauties! Ours are still budding in the yard, so it's a treat to enjoy these inside. 

I love this photo because one, Jeremy took it and two, because it's such a real life, greasy hair, dirty mouth snapshot. I've been putting coconut oil in her bath to help with the sickies but it's made her hair look like...well, like she doesn't have a mother. ha! Love you anyway, homeless girl. 

Jeremy's fencing around our mini garden to keep our chipmunk and deer duo out. We're hoping for some home-grown strawberries this year. 

These last few are from our little flower bed out front. I picked out the flowers by - let's just be honest - color palette, and it's fun to watch how they all grow together as the summer clicks on. 

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