site launch | Rachel nordgren

I hope by now y'all know I love a good Squarespace site. No coding, easy to build, and totally useable and beautiful forever and ever amen? Yes. Give it to me. I'm pondering a Wordpress vs. Squarespace Matchup blog post, if only to cut down my email time in half...make that a quarter...listing off all the reasons why Squarespace might be a good fit. Now that sounds like a dream. But without getting to mouthy on the subject, let's move on.

Our girl Rachel Nordgren made the switch over to Squarespace for her personal blog and I think we hit the nail on the head design-wise. She wanted something really straightforward, simple to navigate, and on top of it, she had a truckload of beautiful stock photos to use, so there's that. 


Here's what she had to say about the experience: 

Erin is an absolute gem to work with...somewhere between a fairy godmother and Joanna Gaines. She was able to take my vision to a reality with ease and panache. Not having to dive into the technicalities of domain transfers and RSS feeds was worth every penny! I'm madly in love with my new site, and it's all thanks to Erin!

The Joanna Gains of Squarespace? Rachel, you make me blush.

She's doing an official launch of her site today, so you should probably go say hi and hop on her newsletter list if only for the video clips alone. Girl brings her A-game. 

You can find Rachel on the Insta at @rachnordgren and on Periscope here.