Brand Share | Katie Jewell Photography

When Katie first came to me about her photography business rebrand, I knew we'd be a great match. Katie was looking for a new look -- something feminine, classic, but unique enough to stand out in the wedding industry that often feels flooded with great photographers. I'm just not a cookie cutter sort of designer (when I say custom, I mean custom) so I was really thrilled to take on the challenge. 

We started with a dusty, feminine color palette. The copper tone works well to balance out some of the more classic wedding colors. From there, we landed on a moderns script, one of my favorite fonts, and the simple diamond element. I love how the diamond ties in with "jewell" imagery without leaning too literal. The letter mark is a great option for her to use for more corporate or formal-feeling jobs and works as a complement to the otherwise more relaxed design. 

You have got to check out Katie's work. Her style is the perfect balance of classic and moody. Makes me want to get married all over again just for the photos! Find Katie's brand new website here and on Instagram here