Summer Sowing .01

Oh hey, we're trying something a little new over here! 

Summer has (I think) come upon us, and with that is just a really intense desire to create margin, memories, and lots of white space in our days. At the end of this season, I really want to feel refreshed and ready to run hard after the work in front of me for the months ahead and I can't do that if I hustle all summer. 

And can I be honest with you for a second? I really, really, miss old-school blogging. Remember when we all used to read updates of each other's lives in long form and poorly laid out blog templates? Glory days. Glory days. 

So here we are, starting a little blog series that's a little more personal life recording and less business blog because my heart really needs it and maybe you need permission to do the same. I'm excited to take a week-by-week stock of our summer and capture those small moments that I'd never remember had I not written them down. Because this summer for me is about digging into that gratitude, sowing fruitful seeds, and being present with my people -- and I want to remember that process beyond the curated square and clever caption routine.

Week one of summer in photos starts here! Sunshine streaming in the windows, lake adventures, seeing our good buds from home, and candle making. I accidentally pressed purchase on a bag of one hundred wicks and 10 pounds of wax chips on Amazon after my crafty curiosity got away with me. So naturally, I should start a candle making business, right? Candles here! Candles here! Get your candles here! 

Baby thighs are my love language. 


Naomi found a new buddy in John. Probably because he let her carry his phone around
unlike the rest of us meanies. 

I've tried to take photos of each place we've lived in in a really ordinary state. Nothing super clean or organized, but just in the midst of life happening. I love this photo of our nothing special dining room with dirty plates on the table and random object littered about. It's what life looks like right now, and I'm grateful for the harmless chaos.