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Marisa is a ridiculously talented letterer, designer, and illustrator...let's just start with that. When she approached me about helping her get a website up, I was really thrilled to be able to create an online platform that would take her to the next level in her business. We polished up her brand a little bit, incorporating some bright and approachable colors and used her own lettering as her logo and part of her submark (above) to personalize the brand. I love how it turned out, and I certainly hope she's got an online home now to grow into for years to come as her business evolves and grows. 

Marisa creates playful, detailed, and thoughtful pieces and I'm warning you might want to snag every blasted one of them to put on your walls. She just released her Wild & Wooly print collection so brace yourself! They're amazing. I couldn't help but snag one of the alphabet prints below for Naomi's room, and my jaw most literally dropped when I opened the package. Guys, everything from the design, to the paper quality, to the ink is just so good. And I promise she's not paying me to say this, I just feel like I need to tell the world because she's so dang humble about it and a thumbnail photo just doesn't do it justice. Check out her shop page here!

Check out Marisa's full site here (she's got a really incredible blog, too!)
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