On Not Adding to the Noise

There’s a lot of chatter out there about what to do with our ideas. Chase your dreams, go after what you’ve wanted to do your whole life, follow you passion, start your own small business. The tidal wave of entrepreneurship and be your own boss has hit the shoreline. I’m one of those riding the wave, too. We read books, listen to podcasts, and join groups that encourage us to just do it -- do that thing that’s been burning inside of us. We are in an incredible time of being able to make a living doing what we truly love doing and I believe it’s a great privilege.

But what happens when you just don’t have any ideas? What if you’re not so sure what exactly is burning inside of you? I don’t think I’m alone when I say that sometimes, I really don’t have any earth-shattering ideas. Sometimes, grow tired of trying to be the next best so-and-so or create the next best-selling thing. Sometimes, I just don’t want to add to the noise.

I think about shutting it all down sometimes -- the design business, the Instagram, the everything. I imagine going back to a time when I didn’t have to be finding my own work, when I wasn’t having to hustle, when I wasn’t comparing my life to a bunch of strangers, when my popularity wasn’t equal to the number of followers I had. I think about what it would be like to go back to living a simple life – one where my days were spent woven into the organized chaos of motherhood and housekeeping, spending my free time on small hobbies and my nights on slow rest. Am I the only one?

I think about shutting it all down and a small panic attack ensues inside of me because so much of who I think I am is attached to what I do. If I let it all go, what would be left? What would I be good for? What would my life be worth? What would I be contributing to this world? I know all the right answers to these questions, but still the panic attack continues.

So I jam some truths back into my heart in hopes that some of it will stick this time. Maybe you need to hear it, too:

It’s okay to live a simple life.
It’s okay to not have any earth-shattering ideas.
It’s okay if you’re not the next so-and-so.
It’s okay if your greatest accomplishment is raising children (because boy, is that a great accomplishment).
It’s okay if you don’t turn your hobby into a business.

Our life, our work, our family…it all has worth all on it’s own. Those sacred spaces of every day life are worth something regardless of how many people are witness or how much money we make in the middle of it.

The irony of talking about quitting my business on my own blog is not lost on me, and no, I don’t have plans to do so because I really love my work and there’s something there that keeps pulling me back. But I wanted to get real honest with you about the sometimes feelings and remind myself that it’s okay to not add to the noise.

I hold it all with open fists and a light heart -- because if it all went away, it would still be a worthy life. If my greatest accomplishments were only seen in the small spaces of ordinary life, they would still be good. And yours would too my friend, yours would too.