Brand Share // Arise Business Coaching

When I first met Sondra, I knew we were biz owner kindred spirits. You know, the kind of friend that "gets" you and your whacky, non-traditional, post-modern internet job. She and I have walked together through job changes, out of state moves, new kids, relationship changes, the works. But one thing that's always stayed consistent is her love and passion for coaching and encouraging other business owners. Sondra is confident and the good kind of aggressive when it comes to challenging others to move into the next level of their business and refocus on why they started their business in the first place. I have gleaned so much knowledge from her in the past few years and was so honored when she asked me to rebrand her coaching business.

Sondra and I envisioned a professional yet approachable brand, one with lots of cool colors and a confident typeface. I absolutely love the purple tones paired with the teals and the way it plays with her bold, black lettering. Arise Business Coaching is all about moving up to the next level and standing strong in what you were made to do. As we wrapped up this project last week, I was excited to see that business model realized in a visual way. 

Here's some of Sondra's thoughts on her branding experience that kind of make me blush but I'll share them anyway: 

"Erin Nausin has a unique, genuine and incredible gift of creating magic in one’s business.  Not only does she listen to her client’s vision, but she then puts it to paper with her exclusive stamp that sets them apart from their competitors.  If I can dream it, Erin Nausin can design it." 
-- Sondra Smith, Business Coach


** I'm currently booking two more branding clients for the month of August. If that sounds like something you are ready to jump into, I'd love to hear from you. Fill out the contact form here and we'll get at it.