Clippings | Vol. 02

With the intention of slowing down this summer, I find myself lingering more in the quiet spaces of the day -- the neighbor’s lawn mower humming across the street, familiar music on the record player, afternoon light peeking through the lace curtains, and us in the mist of it, stacking blocks on the floor with a near-naked babbling baby.

A lot of us have abiding on the mind this season, learning what it means to rest and be slow and stay close to the vine in a hustling world. And like many of you, I want it to stick this year. I want to remember six months from now how to draw near to what matters and let the rest go -- how to find pockets in the day to satisfy the soul cravings and do things that are too awesome for the Internet. It’s in those moments that we gain strength and clarity and peace for what’s coming next and we are better for it.

How are you abiding this summer? What is your soul craving? 

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Some stories and images ignite a deep part of our being that illuminates our own pursuits of passion and creativity. They are beautiful, inspiring, and noteworthy Clippings.