Clippings | Vol. 01

I am (in the most literal sense) awe inspired by individuals who are true masters at their craft. It’s a rarity these days to know someone like that – to witness someone so invested and so engrossed in what they do, that they become the shifters of today’s society.

As a fan of starting new Netflix series, I came across Chef’s Table, a documentary about various chefs around the world, sharing their stories and the passion behind their craft. Dan Barber is one of these featured chefs, Co-owner and Executive Chef at Blue Hill Farm in New York. What makes him inspiring is his constant pushing of the food envelope – a true pioneer in the pursuit of growing incredible tasting ingredients, partnered with like-minded farmers to make a pivotal shift in their industry. 

He creates an experience for on-lookers, gathering us around a centuries-old table of celebration -- inviting us into an awakening of seasonal, rich ingredients, grown in the most sustainable way possible. And it changes the way we think about food. 

The revert back to old ways, the gathering of people, and his motivation to work towards making a change that will ultimately outlive him….these are the things that get me. The story sparks a desire in me to do the same in some way. After all, if we are aiming at a goal that we can accomplish in our lifetime, maybe our target is too close.  

More info on Blue Hill Farm here
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Some stories and images ignite a deep part of our being that illuminates our own pursuits of passion and creativity. They are beautiful, inspiring and noteworthy Clippings.