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Way back in the dark ages of 2013 (heh!), my little design business started to take root. Aside from whipping up a "portfolio" and an hourly rate for some unsuspecting local business owners, I completed my very first brand project. One really nice lady (okay, she was actually a good friend) gave me the benefit of the doubt and let me design a logo for her now flourishing Colorado based traveling nanny service, The Nanny Brigade. A few years later and a couple more design projects under my belt, here I am sending off the completed brand files for her next venture, Spark Enrichment. You guys, I really love this one! 

We wanted this brand to be kid friendly, but also approachable, professional, and reflective of a really valuable and trustworthy business. I especially love the "paint blob" submark, which feels like a fun variation on a typical circle or square. 

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