brand share: a peace of our life

Oh hi! I'm popping in today to share a really fun project we just wrapped up. The Hodges are a family of six prepping for a move to Ethiopia to do some medial missions work with a local hospital this fall. As someone who's spent time overseas doing similar work, I totally sympathized with their (much larger scale) feat of fundraising and preparation for this next season of life and was happy to jump on board and take a few things off their plate.

Together, Autumn and I were able to put together an info + fundraising presentation for them to share while visiting local churches and raising their support. We also set up a really simple landing page with more information and links to all their sites.

Below is a little sneak peek of the presentation. I loved Autumn's suggested use of hexagons (since there's six of them) and arrows, as a symbol of them being shot into the world to serve with their own gifts and abilities. 

And the website:

Check out their whole presentation here
Keep up with their Instagram feed here 
Help support them here
Check out their full website here

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Later, friends!